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En la actualidad, los cultivos leñosos se han convertido para muchos agricultores en una alternativa interesante y más rentable que otros cultivos como los cereales.

Fertilize and treatments

The olive tree treatments and the almond and pistachio treatments, much more effective thanks to the agricultural services managed by our phytosanitary team.

Our work philosophy is governed by the principle “modern and profitable agriculture”.

We understand that the field is in permanent evolution and that in recent times important challenges have appeared —such as climate change, which is disrupting everything—, which make it necessary to increase the technicality and professionalization of agricultural services.

The farmer needs to have a technology partner that takes away worries and uncertainties and allows him to focus on the management of his farm.

In the field, the investments are large when you want to make a change of crop or when it is necessary to introduce improvements. And the risks are always many. Hence the need to have good advice to minimize risks and make our investment more profitable.

Agricultural advice consists of three phases:

1) Problem analysis

2) The elaboration of a treatment

3) The execution and control of the treatment plan

We help you get the most out of your crops

Analysis of the problem

In the initial phase of all technical consulting work, a comprehensive analysis of the problem that we need to solve must be done. For this, the data and samples necessary to diagnose the problem that affects our plantation will be collected: phytosanitary, poor water quality, problems with the land, etc.

Depending on the problem, the appropriate techniques and technical analyzes that are necessary will be used to find the origin of the problem to be solved.

Preparation of the treatment plan

Once we know the problem we have, we can move on to the second phase. Our technicians propose the treatment we need to end the problem analyzed. In it, the necessary technical recommendations will be made to solve the evil that affects our plantation. This plan includes the specific measures, as well as the timetable and budget necessary for their implementation.

The plan is put in writing with all the necessary information and instructions so that those responsible for its execution have no doubt what to do.

Execution and control of the treatment plan

The third and final phase is the execution of the plan. We already know what the disease is, we know what the treatment is, it is now a matter of applying the appropriate “medicine”. Once we apply the treatment, it is necessary to control and monitor the measures taken, to know if they give the expected results.

At Viñedos de Vistalegre S.A. we are specialized in advising olive and almond crops and all kinds of woody crops since we have more than 300 hectares of our own in production and experience with many clients. We implement any new crop plan and improve existing crops.

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